1. I tend to shut myself up and my anger/rage builds up to the point I'm not productive.
  2. I have the ability to hyperfocus but I can't command it.
  3. I enjoy people in very, very short amounts of time.
  4. I'm way too idealistic.
  5. I hate myself.
  6. I love myself too much.
  7. I think I'm a narcisist but very functional one.
  8. I rarely ask for help.
  9. I tend to be the stand up guy but I think it's because deep down I want to be the hero.
  10. I'm not sure about anything.
  11. I'm not smart, not even average.
  12. I usually don't give myself credit.
  13. I'm very selfish.
  14. I'm very pessimistic.
  15. I get bored a lot.
  16. I need to be busy.
  17. I care how I dress.
  18. I care how I look.